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I offer Nervous System Regulation and self-massage workshops customised to the needs of your company

In these workshops, i teach about the importance of Nervous System regulation, how it leads to emotional regulation, how to communicate concisely and with clarity and how to connect compassionately to co-workers. 

All this to create an environment for your employees where they feel supported and can allow their creativity to flow - whether in finding solutions or coming with new ideas. 

Nervous system regulation is the key to preventing burn-out or overwhelm to instead create a company culture where everyone can thrive.

I use a variety of techniques which are  easily integrated into daily and work life. From self-massage techniques to release tension and aches from the body to coherent breathing to balance all 4 areas of the brain.

Corporate Workshops are a wonderful way of bringing wellbeing into the work-sphere. 

I offer workshops based on Nervous system regulation - THE key to feeling a sense of wellbeing and safety within to allow for emotional regulation, receptivity and creativity in all areas of life. 

Feeling overwhelmed and stressed will over time lead to burn-out, meaning that employees might be unhappy, unproductive, uncreative and absent for longer periods of time.

Learning about the nervous system and experiencing tools to regulate themselves will empower individuals to

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